Fri, June 16, 2023

 -  18h30

Centre Pompidou, Petite salle
Free entry, limited seats available

The Fictions-Science are a journey into the depths of science and art made today. These events, imagined by the Bibliothèque publique d'information, La Parole-Centre Pompidou, and IRCAM, bring together artists, scientists, and the general public to project us into the near future—our present—using today's innovations and their explosive or unsuspected effects on the society to come.


In 2023, Le Monde, IRCAM and Ircam Amplify reconstituted General de Gaulle's June 18 address using the principle of voice cloning. The address is the only moment of collective history that everyone remembers, but that no one can actually hear because the BBC archive didn't exist! The metamorphosis of an actor's voice into an iconic voice, constitutes an artifact, a deepfake that could tell the historical truth. What about the present composing with the archive, the real merging with the fiction, the creation intertwining with an immaterial heritage, restored by artificial intelligence? Human societies have always lived among ghosts. Our present is equipped with new ghosts by the only force of the computation.

With Gérard Assayag (head researcher, IRCAM-STMS)
Catherine Dufour (autrice)
Elie During (philosopher)
Tiphaine Raffier (stage director)
Raphael Doan (historian) 
Animation Céline Loozen (réalisatrice La Science, CQFD, France Culture)

Coproduction IRCAM/Bibliothèque publique d'information/La Parole-Centre Pompidou. In partnership with France Culture and Science & Vie. Photo © Mahdis Mousavi / Unsplash