The interpretation master classes associate 20th century repertoire and more recent creations in a desire to go beyond historical specializations. They also offer students special access to some of the most important works of mixed music, where the dimension of sound projection is an integral part of the performance.


nullAtelier Improvisation et voix, ManiFeste-2021 © Ircam-Centre Pompidou, photo : Quentin Chevrier


Improvisation voice and electronics


Educational Advisors: Valérie Philippin, singer, author, composer, Mikhail Malt, researcher and consultant (IRCAM-STMS Musical Representations team), Claudia Jane Scroccaro, computer music designer and professor at IRCAM

This workshop is intended for singers of all backgrounds—lyric artists and vocal performers—eager to learn both contemporary vocal languages and computer music. Participants will improvise together in voice/electronic duos and in groups, alternating between the role of an improv singer and an electronic performer.


Through guided improvisation games, participants progressively test and interact with electronics (transformations, mixes, complex environments), and discover the latest improvisation software developed at IRCAM: OMAX,SOMAX2 and DYCI2.


nullAtelier Improvisation et voix, ManiFeste-2021 © Ircam-Centre Pompidou, photo : Quentin Chevrier


This workshop is a unique opportunity for participants to develop their vocal language, their knowledge of the sonic worlds offered by electronics, and their creativity through exploration and on-the-fly composition.


The workshop culminates on Saturday June 24, with a final concert during the ManiFeste festival, open to the public.


10 participants, selected in March 2023: Beatrice Arrigoni (Italy), Benjamin Athanase (France), Lise Borel (France), Sarah Brabo-Durand (France), Guilherme De Almeida (Brazil), Ninon Demange (France), Paolo Leonardi* (Italy), Kanae Mizobuchi (Japan), Virgile Pellerin (France), Olga Siemienczuk (Poland)
* endorsed by the ULYSSES Network, supported by the European Union’s Europe Creative program, as part of "ULYSSES journeys"


Mixed Music Interpretation


Educational Advisor: Simone Conforti, Sébastien Naves, Johannes Régnier, IRCAM computer music designers/professors
In association with the music students from Pôle Sup’ 93 and students from ENS Louis-Lumière

This workshop is intended for composers, sound engineers, or computer music designers who are interested in acquiring a professional experience in the musical, technical, and logistical preparation of rehearsals and a mixed music concert. This program is designed to provide participants with the techniques necessary to master and perform the electronic parts of a mixed music piece.


The two-week workshop, supervised by IRCAM instructors, features group classes and hands-on work in the studio. The workshop will focus on identified themes to strengthen production methods for the performance of mixed music works and an improvisation session (instrument and electronics).


The computer music designer students work closely with young performers from the Pôle Sup'93, and present the works they have studied in concert.

Noriko Baba (2004), for clarinet and electronic, 10 minutes
Florent Caron-Darras Technotope (2019), for baritone saxophone and electronics, 12 minutes
Kevin Juillerat Pas de deux (2016), for guitar and electronics, 7 minutes
Malika Kishino Éclosion (2005), for harp and electronic device with 9-channel diffusion, 12 minutes

In addition, Temazcal by Javier Alvarez is used as a foundation to be studied by all participants.


4 participants, selected in March 2023: Orkun Akyol (Turkey), Jihyun Kim (South Korea), Richard McReynolds (North Ireland), Felix Römer (Germany)


In Vivo Théâtre – Fantasticalité


Since 2012, the Academy has organized numerous "in vivo" workshops, true laboratories at the crossroads of disciplines where composers, musicians, directors, choreographers, performers, and dancers work together. This year, the director Anne Monfort and the composer Núria Giménez Comas bring together French-speaking authors, electronic composers, students from the Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique, and experienced actors, in a project called Fantasticalité, which they have imagined to support the development of French-speaking women's dramatic writing.

Educational Advisors:  Núria Giménez Comas, composer, Anne Monfort, director, with complicity of Laure Bachelier-Mazon, dramaturge, Amélie Thérésine,  researcher specialized in French writing, May Hilaire, assistant director, Manuel Poletti and Dionisyios Papanikolaou, IRCAM computer music designers 

Two texts by French-speaking authors, Port-au-Prince et sa douce nuit by Gaëlle Bien-Aimé, winner of the RFI Théâtre 2022 prize, and Praia Do Eldorado by Dodji Do Rego are set to music by four composers and performed by the same group of actors, both students of the Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique and experienced actors. Thus, each text is the subject of two different electronic compositions. The composers are accompanied by Núria Giménez Comas, composer, and the actors by Anne Monfort, director, as well as by Laure Bachelier-Mazon, playwright, and a computer music designer from IRCAM. The researcher Amélie Thérésine, a specialist in francophone writing, also contributes from time to time.


The proposed corpus is that of francophone feminine writings which, if they do not define themselves as fantastic, unfold the edges of binary oppositions - visible/invisible; day/night; living/dead - and question the modalities of our perceptions. Starting from the universe of the author Ken Bugul, we noticed how rare female writing was within this corpus, it then appeared important to us to focus the project around them and to dig this dimension of female gaze notably as an escape from domination.


We share with the festival L’Univers des mots directed by Hakim Bah in Conakry (Guinea), and recent university research, the observation of a kind of blind zone towards these French-speaking dramatic female writings, hence the desire to make these voices particularly heard.


The work will be presented at the T2G-Théâtre de Gennevilliers on Friday June 30th.


The 4 young composers selected in December 2022 : Lanqing Ding (China), Damián Gorandi (Argentina), Mireia Pellisa Martín (Spain), Baptiste Ruhlman (France)


Coproduction Compagnie day-for-night, Ircam-Centre Pompidou, T2G-Théâtre de Gennevilliers, Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique de Paris. With support of Studio-Théâtre de Vitry. In collaboration with the festival Univers des mots à Conakry (Guinea).

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