Teams & contacts

To contact a member, please note that all e-mail adresses are:

General and Artistic Direction

Frank Madlener


Artistic Direction & Académie

Suzanne Berthy, Artistic Programming Deputy Director

Natacha Moënne-Loccoz, Artistic Events Coordination Officer

Amina Diop, Trainee Artistic Events Coordinator


Innovation & Research Ressources

Hugues Vinet, Director
Brigitte Cruz-Barney, Research and Innovation Coordinator 
Sala Eddine Chaouch, 
Laura Fremy, 


Mixed Research Unit STMS

Brigitte d’Andréa-Novel, Director

Nicolas Misdariis, Deputy Director

Luc Ardaillon,

Gérard Assayag, Musical Representations

Mikhail Malt,

Axel Roebel, Sound Analysis and Synthesis


Communication & Partnerships

Marine Nicodeau, Director
Émilie Boissonnade, Communications Officer
Mary Delacour, Web Communications Officer
Alexandra Guzik, Head of Ticket Sales
Marlène Juste, Communication and Ticket Sales
Deborah Lopatin, Communications Officer
Claire Marquet, Head of Edition


Educational and Cultural Outreach

Philippe Langlois, Director
Aurore Baudin, Resource Center

Jérôme Boutinot, Hypermedia reference librarian

Murielle Ducas, Educational Project Coordinator

Cyrielle Fiolet, Educational and cultural project manager

Stéphanie Leroy, Administrator

Jean-Paul Rodrigues, Shelver


Cultural Management

Emmanuelle Zoll, Head of Cultural Management

Margot Fuchs, Educational and cultural project manager

Julia Bordillon, intern



Cyril Béros, Director

Aline Morel,Technical manager

Jérémie Henrot, Head sound engineer

Luca Bagnoli, Sound engineer

Florian Bergé, Production assistant

Raphaël Bourdier, Production manager

Jérémie Bourgogne, Sound operator

Sylvain Cadars, Sound engineer

Clément Cerles, Sound engineer

Éric de Gélis, Audiovisual and logistics operator

Anne Guyonnet, Production manager

Grégoire Lavaud, Sound operator

Aurèlia Ongena, Production manager

Nicolas Poulet, General operator

Maxime Robert, Stage manager

Bastien Sabarros, audiovisual operator

Iris Tripodi, intern

Clotilde Turpin, Production manager

Quentin Vouaux, Stage manager

and the festival’s team of technicians.