Director Anne Monfort leads the company day-for-night, based in Besançon. She directs contemporary texts by novelists (Mathieu Riboulet, Gwenaëlle Aubry, Lydie Salvayre, Jakuta Alikavazovic), or authors of theater (Sonia Willi, Thibault Fayner, Falk Richter) as well as historical material that sheds light on the political present. She is currently working on a research project called "Operation Caravaggio" which focuses on the techniques of actor-reader, actor-actor, and actor-dramaturgist.


Her work combines the pictorial with an essay approach, and the political with the musicality of language. In October 2021, she will premiere Nulle part by Kouam Tawa, the final performance for the graduating students from the CNSAD, and in January 2022 the show Nostalgie 2175 in Besançon, Toulouse, and Strasbourg.