10 Sat et Sun, June 11, 2023

 -  14h

Centre Pompidou, niveau 4 (salle 26)

Non-stop from 2pm to 6pm

Free entry, limited seats available

A collective sound creation


As part of the European "Replay the Cultural Heritage" program, the "cordées de la réussite" students from Joliot Curie high school in Bagneux were invited to discover and reinterpret Laborintus II, making it their own. A dozen educational workshops were run by the sound designer Kinda Hassan, and the head of the school's library, Saïda Boulass, leading to the collective creation of an electronic musical piece based on Luciano Berio's work.

Throughout the festival, discover a vast selection of documents on Luciano Berio at IRCAM's multimedia library and at the BPI's music space. And how to get to the multimedia library?

A Centre Pompidou production | In collaboration with the Musée national d'art moderne-Centre Pompidou | With the support of the ULYSSES network, supported by the European Union’s Europe Creative program.