7 Wed et Thu, June 8, 2023

 -  22h

Ircam, Espace de projection

Duration: 50 minutes approximately (without interlude)
Program (in French)

Full price: 18€
Discount Price: 10€
ManiFeste Pass: 10€
Youth Pass: 5€

The Austrian artist Bernhard Lang, inventor of a theater of repetition and subtle differences, meets IRCAM and spatial immersion, performed under an ambisonic dome. His taste for reflections and mirror games unfolds in time and space: electronic loops, proliferation of vocal simulacra in space, borrowing techniques from the Renaissance canon—in this case from a haunting motet by Palestrina. At the center of this fascinating hall of mirrors shine the voices of the Brussels ensemble HYOID and the electric guitar of Kobe Van Cauwenberghe. Jacques Lacan's voice will make a brief appearance in the work: his "mirror stage" is that jubilant moment when the child discovers himself for the first time as an image before becoming fully aware of himself. In echo, Bernhard Lang's mirror scene offers an intoxicating adventure, to be experienced lying down.

Els Mondelaers mezzo-soprano, Fabienne Seveillac mezzo-soprano, Andreas Halling tenor, Tiemo Wang baryton
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe electric guitar
Lucas Van Haesbroeck lights
Robin Meier IRCAM electronics
Sylvain Cadars IRCAM sound diffusion

Bernhard Lang GAME 245 “The Mirror Stage”

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Executive productor HYOID. IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, de Bijloke (Gand), Festival 20.21 ] Transit (Louvain), Espace Senghor (Bruxelles ) coproduction.