Thu, June 29, 2023

 -  20h

Ircam, Espace de projection

Duration : 1h without intermission

Free entry, limited seats available

Academy workshop final performance


Preparing and creating a mixed music work requires a number of different skills. This workshop is intended for those who are interested in musical composition, sound engineering, or computer music production. This workshop provided the students with the necessary techniques to master and perform the electronic parts of a musical work. Two weeks of group classes and hands-on work, supervised by IRCAM teachers, culminate in an essential event: the public concert.

Vincent Brecheteau (guitar), Lucas Montana Sarmiento (saxophone), Yonathan Navia (clarinet), Valentin Servoir (percussions), Marine Veith (harp) student musicians from Pôle Sup’93 as a part of the Mixed Music course by Pôle Sup’93/IRCAM
Simone Conforti, Sébastien Naves, Johannes Regnier IRCAM educational advisors
Matteo Cesari Pôle Sup’93 educational advisor
Computer music control by Johannes Regnier and the workshop participants Orkun Akyol, Jihyun Kim, Richard McReynolds, Felix Römer
Thomas Guillory, Venance Joffrion, Vincent Meurisse, Louan Uzel Concert recorded by students from the l’École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière

Javier Alvarez Temazcal
Noriko Baba Oü
Florent Caron Darras Technotope
Kevin Juillerat Pas de deux
Malika Kishino Éclosion

Production IRCAM-Centre Pompidou. In partnership with the Pôle supérieur d’enseignement artistique Aubervilliers – La Courneuve – Seine-Saint-Denis Île-de-France called the Pôle Sup’93 and the École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière. Photo: ManiFeste-2021, Concert Raster © Ircam-Centre Pompidou, photo : Philippe Barbosa